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Below is the opportunity to purchase my published albums in a physical CD form. These discs are beautifully designed and they will be wonderful gifts to your family and friends who want to expand their library, or their musical taste.  Purchasing my albums helps support my performances and violin lessons. THANK YOU for purchasing these albums and for supporting my projects, concerts, violin lessons and my music!

Debut album cover

My Debut CD

My first album, recorded with my piano partner Donald Doucet in 2017, and released in 2018, is titled simply "The Dancewicz-Doucet Duo" (as we formerly called ourselves), and it contains some of the most beautiful music ever written. Three iconic, gorgeous pieces spanning three different styles (romantic Elgar, classical Mozart and Impressionist Debussy) form an irresistible sample of what violin and piano can do. Order your physical copy HERE.

Second released album cover


Duo Dramatique's second commercial album was recorded and produced together with national production house PARMA Recordings, and it was released in 2021 on Navona Records label. The CD is the result of commissioning three Houston-based composers to compose unique pieces especially for the Duo. Three thrilling pieces spanning exciting modern styles of jazz, expressionist parody and Eastern European influences, create a riveting contemporary array of virtuosity and passion. Don't wait, get your physical copy of this beautiful CD HERE.

Violinist and pianist with their instruments

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As working  musicians we constantly plan performances and create projects to bring beauty to your life. Please, check my CONCERT calendar.

You can help us by donating directly with  PAYPAL or PATREON

We are very grateful for your ongoing support! THANK YOU!


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